Our Team

The last two years have been a prolonged period of uncertainty and constant changes.  Employee morale and retention have become an even higher priority as our onsite teams have dealt with more complex issues on top of their usual responsibilities.  That, coupled with constantly changing policies and procedures, while the industry is experiencing an unprecedented staffing shortage, is causing all companies to examine ways to differentiate themselves and offer new benefits and perks to their team members. 

At GWR, our employees are our priority.  They deliver service to our residents and deliver results to our investors, so they are valued, cared about, and subsequently, dedicated.  We value our team members and their well-being, and we have challenged ourselves to think outside of the “industry norm” and see where we could be different from other companies.  To start, we increased the apartment discount benefit to those qualified employees who live on the property where they work.  We had offered an employee discount of 20%, which we continue to offer all employees, however, for those employees who live where they work, we now offer the potential for a larger discount.

Last December, in appreciation of the hard-work and dedication of our employees over the past difficult year, we closed all GWR properties between Christmas and New Year’s, and gave every employee and extra week of holiday pay.  This not only gave employees the freedom to spend time with their friends and families, but it also boosted the morale onsite.  An even more dedicated team was ready to get the new year started when they returned to work January 3rd!

Several years ago, we created the GWR Millionaire’s Club!  When we created this club, it was designed as an employee rewards incentive program to achieve a sales goal of $1 million dollars.  And further, to recognize our top performers and thank those superstars in our Company who go above and beyond in leasing and sales.  There are now 29 members of the club.  As GWR Millionaire’s Club members, they are eligible to go on a company trip annually and they are celebrated with recognition and time away from work. 

Lastly, we recently announced our newest policy – the GWR Work from Anywhere policy – for all Salary Exempt employees.  The Work from Anywhere policy gives eligible employees 20 days of Work from Anywhere time each year and allows exempt employees to work at home, on the road, or in a satellite location for all of part of their workweek for up to a period of five consecutive days at a time!

The labor shortage will be one of the greatest challenges for the multifamily industry and the economy this year.  We know historically that employees who are engaged are the employees that perform well and strive to do more.  At GWR, we want to nurture and retain those employees, and recognize and reward them all!

We are investing in our teams and we are excited to see where it takes us!

All my best,

Gina Y. Erwin

Gina Y. Erwin

Gina’s focus, as part of the executive team, is promoting superior performance at each community through GWR’s comprehensive management approach. Gina designs the operational guidelines for each community and directs the training and oversight of all management personnel. Her collective experience includes more than 30 years in the multifamily industry including garden style, mid-rise and high rise communities. Gina devises revenue growth opportunities, and identifies new manpower efficiencies, which combine to elevate overall property performance.  Gina is a 2021 Houston Apartment Association Vice President at Large and also served on the Texas Apartment Association as a delegate.


Prior to GWR, Gina has worked with both private, local companies and a public REIT, making her experience vast and broad. Her experience includes overseeing the operations at Arcadian Real Estate Services, running the Houston market for Equity Residential and many roles at The Dinerstein Companies including both Marketing and Management.


Gina is a native Houstonian, attended the University of Texas, and is married with three children and one grandson.