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Each month, I sit and reflect on what has taken place in our company and in our industry.  Taking a few quiet moments will usually give me this months content within 10-15 minutes, but this month it took less than 2.  GWR has a very exciting event this month and it’s annual even though we were unable to hold last year because of (you guessed it) Covid.  Our annual GWR Leadership Conference is a three day event where our Senior Leadership, our Executive Team, On-Site Managers, and Supplier Partners gather as a group.  We educate, train, and coach our teams through guest speakers, meetings, and most importantly, uninterrupted time away from work where we can focus on our company and build upon the foundations that we have laid as a group.  Having our “face time” replaced with Zooms and phone calls last year was extremely difficult given what we do.  We are in a people business and we take care of people’s homes which can make for an emotionally charged workday for any one of our employees.  We have to be interpersonal in order to provide interpersonal service and being disconnected for the past 15 months makes staying true to that service promise very challenging.


What have we learned these past 15 months?  Companies that rely on interpersonal skills have to engage interpersonally.  It’s that simple.  When we gather, as we have done for the past several years, we reset.  We reset ourselves as a group, we reset ourselves individually, and we have the ability to reset the company by pulling us all together in one place to recharge.  We hear the same message, we build camaraderie with one another and we build upon the relationships we have already established.  To parallel, it is much like any other relationship that we all have whether it’s with a spouse, a friend, a child or a relative.  All relationships have to forge forward with purpose and our purpose is to take care of our employees so that they, in turn, take care of our residents.  The conference this month is probably our most important one yet given how we all desire to get back to normal.  This is GWR’s step in that direction and I could not be more thrilled!

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President, GWR Management

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