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GWR's Work/Life Balance

By definition, Work/Life Balance is the focus on minimizing work related stress while maintaining good health and well being.  Rewind a couple of years ago, and the very definition of this was suddenly changed.  The boundaries that used to exist between work and home were suddenly fuzzy, if even existent at all.  Commuters once had a start and an end to a work day and now those same people struggle to find the boundary, thus creating the very stress that the change should have alleviated.


At GWR, our properties were considered essential businesses so they did not close (for long).  There were, however, plenty of adjustments that contributed to the blended line of work/life balance and frankly the very nature of what we do does not start and stop with a regular business day.  We provide homes to people, and those homes and the needs of our residents don’t start and stop with business hours, they go on into and often throughout the night.  Couple that need with advanced technology and our ability to serve residents certainly does not stop when the offices close.  Our need for work/life balance was in place long before Covid threw us a curve ball.  At GWR, we are grounded in doing our part to provide the tools for every team member to find the balance that works for them.  In fact, “work/life balance” is a term I prefer not to use.  Rather, I find “personal balance” to be more appropriate.  Not everyone has the same hard line.  Some are self prescribed “workaholics”, some have home needs that other don’t have (such as children, elderly parents, dependent care, etc.), some are driven personally from doing more at work, and some need to leave work at the workplace in order to be present at home. None of these are right or wrong, they are just personal and for each person to apply as appropriate to themselves. 


Given all of this, GWR puts policies and benefits in place giving each employee the ability to make selections that are best for themselves.  These range from Wellness Programs, exceptional PTO programs that surpass most in our industry, Mental Health resources, Work From Anywhere benefits, and they all start with the Leadership Team setting expectations and policies that are considerate of the employees first.  We have made our employees our priority since formation and are committed to the same year after year.

All my best, 

Gina Y. Erwin

  • Grady W. Roberts
  • Gina Y. Erwin
  • Brad Swearer
  • Rebecca Gordon
    Investor Relations / Executive Assistant to Grady W. Roberts
  • Laura Medel-Oviedo
    Executive Assistant to Gina Y. Erwin and Brad Swearer
  • Eric Lodge
    Acquisitions Officer
  • Mark Zemanek
    Acquisitions Officer
  • Stephen Yamin, Jr.
    Construction Services Manager
  • Brandi Adams
    Regional Supervisor
  • Rachel Schultz
    Regional Supervisor
  • Nicole Johnson
    Regional Supervisor
  • Lelia Delacruz
    Regional Supervisor
  • Ryan H. Raser
    Director of Operations
  • Cynthia Colorado
    Operational Support
  • Jenny Bolanos
    Operational Support
  • Hector Cruz
    Regional Maintenance Supervisor
  • Alex Garciaguirre
    Regional Maintenance Supervisor
  • Lori Follett
  • Kim Hughes
    Senior Property Accountant
  • Janet Deshotel
    Property Accountant
  • Teresa Latham
    Property Accountant
  • Christy Rudel
    Accounts Payable / Accounting Assistant
  • Lisa Goodman
    Human Resources/Payroll Manager