Our Team

Rebecca Gordon
Investor Relations / Executive Assistant to Grady W. Roberts

Prior to joining GWR Equities, Rebecca worked under the Management umbrella undertaking the streamlining of operational processes, writing policies, contract management, company event coordination, and much more while serving the President and CFO.

Prior to joining GWR in the spring of 2018, she worked with Oil & Gas, Municipalities, and private sector clients in the Construction and Engineering Industry. Growing into various positions and gaining a range of experience and skills applicable to any sector, Rebecca has honed a skill set in identifying inefficiencies and creating solutions, standardizing operating procedures to streamline business operations, and modernizing archaic practices. A few notable positions include Project Administrator, Data Management, Project Manager Assistant, and Maintenance Department Manager.

A hobbyist, who attended school for Fine Arts, with an unquestionable thirst for knowledge, born and bred in Houston, TX. with a love for God and Country.